One of the best compliments I have received is that I have created my world. It takes awareness and guts to step out of your routine and into a life that you want to be living, to create the world you desire.  Being conscious of your choices and asking yourself each and ever moment “Is this what I want to be doing?” helps to take the pressure off of the largeness of it all.
My grandmother always said “Day by Day” and my wonderful mother has always advised me to take things moment by moment.
An amazing thing I started to do a few years ago was at the beginning of the year write down my goals for that year.  The large things.  Then, I break these down month by month, then day by day.  My Action Lists were created during a time I needed to have a purpose to get out of bed in the morning.  I now find these lists helpful in setting my daily goals to accomplish the larger ones.  We can all remember the simple saying of Baby Steps.
One foot in front of another can accomplish so much.

So this creating of our own lives in this society here in the United States is not always easy.  We are brought up in a system of, what I feel, is conformity.  To be obedient.  To be compliant.  We have all been created with our own perspective, our own vision of our lives and what will bring us happiness.
Lately I have found myself realizing how much I have been living my life to please others, or what I feel would be pleasing to others, but I’ve been breaking that habit.  This is MY LIFE!!  Yes, I can be respectful of others but I do not have to live my life for them.  When I wake up each morning I make choices for what I feel will bring me happiness in this existence.  Being around people who are loving & supportive of me rather than judgmental and controlling trying to get me to perform as their puppet.  I am a lover and a giver yet I can still enjoy my life in my way while enjoying the company of others who are on their journey of life.