Going through my drawer of inspiration full of positive notes and quotes from years past I came across the inspiration for my “Find Your Happiness Journal.” This original journal was created as a gift for my now ex-husband in a composition book where I shared quotes and questions in hopes of helping him figure out what he wanted. The journal was left untouched for me to find when I came to pick up my things from our home. I was hurt at first but after picking it up, and picking myself up, I realized I was trying to “fix” or change someone when who am I to say they need changing or fixing?…he and I just weren’t right for one another. I didn’t realize it at that moment but looking back now I realize when I picked up this empty journal it was the first moment I started to take better care of me! My journey of self love and healing began and after years of reading, journaling and keeping positive around myself I created the “Find Your Happiness Journal” that I now share with you in hopes that it will help you find your true, pure, happy self. Journals are available for $14.99 at Under the Cherry Blossoms gift shop in downtown Mount Dora, FL or online www.underthecherryblossoms.com
 Much Love Always