Everything will be Fine

This morning I received an email reminding me of how much we can keep one another going in this world.  All of us give ourselves a purpose, we put our meaning on a role we call our own.  You wake up as mom, wife, teacher, house keeper, fireman, nurse whatever you label yourself.  This gives us a purpose, a reason to get out of bed and live life.  When things change and your “role” is taken away you have to find a new meaning to get up and love life!  Jason Mraz music has always been there as a positive lift me up when I felt my world was crashing down.  This wonderful song “Details in the Fabric” pushes me to hold my own, know my name and go my own way and everything will be fine.

I’ve found life isn’t about fitting into a role or trying to look good in the eyes of the world.  It’s knowing in myself that I am a good person who I enjoy being with and I am proud of in each moment.  To me life is about enjoying, using my senses, creating & being thankful for everyone & everything.
When you let yourself proudly shine it inspires others to do the same.
Thank you Jason Mraz for throwing yourself and your passion out to the world.