Everyone can use a little Pick Me Up!! It is amazing what three little words can do to brighten someone’s day. “You are Amazing”
“I’ve got nothing to do today but Smile” ~ Paul Simon
“Thank you.  I am grateful for…”
“I know it. I desire it. It’s on it’s way. Nothing can stop it and there is nothing for me to worry about.” ~Wayne Dyer
“Don’t worry.  Everything will happen as it should.”

These pick me up cards started out as hand written happy thoughts that I would surround myself with. I kept them around my bathroom mirror so happiness was the first thing I saw in the morning. I kept them on the dashboard of my car so happiness followed me wherever I would go and I kept them taped around my computer monitor at the shop. As I was in conversations I would write and give the happy thoughts that helped me so much…and by golly everyone I gave them to was brightened by them!

This little box of happiness holds 20 different positive sayings and we now have two different sets of 20 cards. May I suggest giving these to teachers, putting them with a tip at a restaurant, handing one to the cashier while going through the grocery line or sticking one in your children’s lunch. It takes a little courage to just hand these positive cards to a stranger but once you do you will be thankful you did…and so will they.  I have had people come back to the store a year after I gave them a card and thank me again, sharing that they still have it on their mirror or in their car.  It feels so good to spread the love around!!

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Hugs & Love!!