Action List 31 Page Notepad

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Set realistic daily goals to accomplish your big dreams!

Every page in this 31 page notepad Action List has different motivation at the top as well as 3 blank lines.  Fill in the blanks with 3 things you are wanting to accomplish for the day. Limiting your to do’s to only 3 per day sets realistic goals and allows you to actually get things done, causing more motivation and a feeling of accomplishment.

Randomly through out the notepad you will find a 4th “out of the box” type of suggestion to do for the day.  Example: “Bring as many smiles as you can to people today.” “Do one thing that scares you today.” “Give yourself a hug today.”

With small daily goals reach your larger goals, it’s no longer overwhelming!  Create a purpose for your tomorrow by filling out your Action List before bed.  Jump out of bed feeling motivated in the morning!


Action List 31 Page Notepad

Action List 31 Page Notepad–motivating action list.

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