Provide happiness to grow your customer’s & client’s souls!
Offer products you believe in and enjoy a 50% wholesale discount for retail businesses. To apply for wholesale purchasing, please email a copy of your tax id certificate to info@underthecherryblossoms.com.

Initial wholesale order cost $318 plus shipping.
*Free wooden display with product descriptions color printed on display.
*Free Pick Me Up card holder & 20 Free loose Pick Me Up cards to share.
*Free loose Action List for customers to view all pages in notepad.
*12 Pick Me Up card boxes
*12 Action Lists
*12 Find Your Happiness Journals
* 6 28 Days of Thanks Gratitude Kits
Reorders are a $100 wholesale minimum purchase.

Corporate Discounts
Looking to motivate, stimulate & appreciate your staff?
Enjoy a 30% discount for corporate ordering.
Use coupon code EMPOWER at checkout. $100 minimum purchase to qualify for discount.

Pick Me Up cards
are a great way to keep your staff cheery and feeling inspired & appreciated.


Action Lists
keep everyone on clearly set tasks. It’s amazing what can get accomplished with planned daily goals!


28 Days of Thanks
 gratitude kit inspires everyone to keep their focus on the good. Write daily thank you notes to clients and business associates to keep healthy relationship.


Find Your Happiness
journals stop the office gossip and get them grounded in goodness. Keep a positive perspective by writing daily gratitude.


“…I am so grateful for your Pick Me Up cards. The journey home was filled with inspiration and your words of encouragement.” Dawn D.