Under the Cherry Blossoms

Handmade Gift Boutique in Beautiful Mount Dora, FL

aboutusOwner Lynn Wisniewski named the store Under The Cherry Blossoms, as her last name means “Cherry” in Polish. Lynn went through a very growing time in her life and, for therapy, she created this inspiring handmade gift boutique with a flower ceiling, each with a positive message.

One day, someone mentioned to Lynn how uplifting she and the store are, stating that there are not very many good people out in the world. Lynn could remember being at that place, and how things changed when she directed her focus to the positive.

She was inspired to invite all the happy people that walk in to her shop to write a positive message on the green flowers for the ceiling. This way, if anyone ever says there are no good people in the world, she can point up and say, “Look at all the good people that walked in to my little boutique!”

Keep Looking Up!  Be sure to view all of our uplifting, positive products in addition to all of the other products from our assortment of wonderful local artists.